Here is a way to make your life simpler, even better.

How often do you purchase the same things – milk, eggs, bread and those chocolates you just can’t say no to. Image just repeating you cart the next time you go shopping. You can with LeShop. Give them a try if you have them in your area, it makes for a great experience of shopping at home. They offer discounted delivery rates if you order above $200 – maybe high for a single person, but can be about normal for a large family.

Instead of doing all this:

  • Drivie to the store
  • Park
  • Walk the whole store filling your cart
  • Empty you cart on the belt
  • Maybe they bag for you – putting the bananas under the cans of pumpkin pie mix
  • Unload the bags from the cart into the car
  • Unload the bags from the car into the house
  • Then you can finally put the things away

For about 8 dollars you can skip all the steps but the last one. How much is gas costing again?

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