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4 Hour Workweek

Monday, March 10th, 2008

What a fun article on Get Rich Slowly, found through Self Made Minds. Best part was how he describes his 4 hour workweek, it is not about taking time off to party, rather it is about reducing the things you are not good at and making the most of your strengths. I found the same principle to be true when I was studying for my Business degree. The first years where very tough with new and impossible assignments. By the last year of study the groundwork had been laid and I was able to build upon the parts I was best at, strategy, statistics and management. It often felt like I was only working 4 hours a week, yet I was fully occupied the entire time doing work I loved while making a difference.

What I would like to see in this next year one person to comment how some ideas from this site have helped them to focus on a new direction and to become successful with it. Then I would consider my time spent here a success. What it really means to me is to find your talents and to build upon them, make the most of them, and to choose a direction that will help you succeed with them.