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4 Hour Workweek

Monday, March 10th, 2008

What a fun article on Get Rich Slowly, found through Self Made Minds. Best part was how he describes his 4 hour workweek, it is not about taking time off to party, rather it is about reducing the things you are not good at and making the most of your strengths. I found the same principle to be true when I was studying for my Business degree. The first years where very tough with new and impossible assignments. By the last year of study the groundwork had been laid and I was able to build upon the parts I was best at, strategy, statistics and management. It often felt like I was only working 4 hours a week, yet I was fully occupied the entire time doing work I loved while making a difference.

What I would like to see in this next year one person to comment how some ideas from this site have helped them to focus on a new direction and to become successful with it. Then I would consider my time spent here a success. What it really means to me is to find your talents and to build upon them, make the most of them, and to choose a direction that will help you succeed with them.

Finding Lost Money

Friday, January 18th, 2008

Great article from Get Rich Slowly today. There was a time one of Grandfathers came to me with a faxed document that showed a savings bond. He said if I could find it and cash it I could have half. This was just before my summer with Smith Barney working with the stock brokers. All summer I kept working on it, asking people about it and doing research. Turns out there was not enough information to prove any ownership, and the company it was with had been bought a few times. In the end I learned a lot about how the business works, but did not get the $2500 that would have been mine. Looking back I think he gave me more by not giving me anything. You know the old saying, better to learn to fish than to have a fish given to you.